Luxating Paella

Ok, ok, it’s called a luxating patella not paella but I like to rename things and besides paella is easy to remember for my tiny brain. Basically it’s when a dogs knee pops in and out of the joint, it’s not a problem unless it happens often, causes pain or doesn’t go back in the knee socket, … Continue reading

A lazy Rescue Wednesday

Well its Rescue Wednesday again but it’s also my wedding anniversary so todays post is going to be a lazy one I’m afraid as I have a special meal to cook and champagne to drink 😉 But I’ve included more dogs than usual. If you’re interested in any of these lovelies click on the links … Continue reading

Hot Dogs

Well I was going to blog about rain coats today but as we’re currently bathed in glorious sunshine I thought I’d save that post for a rainy day…excuse the terrible pun! So we all know dogs die in hot cars, even with the windows cracked and parked in the shade, cars literally turn into greenhouses … Continue reading

Rescue Wednesday – A closer look at a Staffie Rescue

Well its Wednesday again so its all about the rescues. This time I’m going to post about Staffy Support Service, a rescue based in Kent specialising in the gorgeous Staffy, the most over bred dog in the country and subsequently the most euthanized breed. Rescues and council pounds are simply over flowing with these gorgeous dogs. To … Continue reading

Great Fido Finds

Thought I’d share a couple of things I found on the net that I love, so if you fancy treating yourself or there’s a dog crazy person’s birthday approaching or you are slightly insane and are already Christmas shopping then here are some ideas for you. Firstly I happened upon this cute coin purse, they … Continue reading

And last but not least….

Heres Roxy! Isn’t she a cutie, she is the funniest little dog I’ve ever met, has the biggest heart, the softest nature and really silly little legs! She’s not even 1 yet so still a baby and is a Jack Russell cross Staffie. I was fostering her and fell completely in love, I never thought … Continue reading

Rescue Wednesday

Wednesdays on Canine Crazy is rescue day where I’ll highlight some dogs desperate for a forever home. First up is the beautiful Cerys, here’s what her foster mum has to say about her: Please meet the lovely Cerys . Vaccinated, wormed,de- flead and neutered. She loves all other dogs. No cats though as does chase. Potential homes … Continue reading

Wellies & Walkies

Well the sky is grey, the sun hasn’t made an appearance for a couple of weeks, our local river has burst its banks and there is flooding in most of the country….welcome to British summer time! It’s also time for me to get new wellies, I first noticed I may have to invest in a new … Continue reading

Introducing Bella

Two months after Lily went missing we couldn’t bear the dog-less house anymore, there’s nothing worse than a house without a dog, it just feels so empty. We didn’t want to replace Lily so we decided to foster for a rescue. After searching around it became clear that because we had 3 cats and 2 young … Continue reading

Looking for Lily

Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming along for a nose. This is all brand new and shiny to me this blogging malarkey so please be kind! I decided to start a blog after spending an obscene amount of time on one of my Facebook Groups which was originally set up for my missing … Continue reading