Easy to make £2 dog bed

My poor old sewing machine died, I didn’t use it much but it was very handy to have so I went crazy and treated myself to a brand new shiny one. To test out my new purchase I decided to run up a new dog bed for the kitchen, as the old one was looking a little worse for wear.

It’s such an easy bed to make I’d thought I’d share it with you, you don’t need a sewing machine to make it but it’s a lot quicker with one. This project took about 30/40 mins start to finish.

First step grab the material…I popped into the £1 shop and bought 2 paw print fleece blankets.


When I got home I discovered they were the perfect size for the inner cushion on the old bed so I didn’t have to make a new one but if you’re doing it from scratch grab an old duvet, measure out the blankets and cut the duvet roughly 2 inches smaller all round, then run the loose edges through the machine or hand stitch, it doesn’t have to be perfect as you won’t see it once it’s inside the cover.

Then get your material, put the right sides together (for those who don’t know what that means it’s basically the sides of the material that you want on the outside of the bed once it’s finished) then pin and then tack them together about 1 inch in from the edges making sure to leave one short side open..so you can get the inner cushion in at the end. My fleece blankets had nicely finished edges so I didn’t need to put a seam on the ends left open.image


Take the pins out then run through the machine, trying not to sew over the tacking stitches. Because the fleece blankets are cheap I used a zigzag stitch and went around the edges twice….don’t accidentally sew up the end you’ve left open!



Then take out the tacking stitches carefully and turn the cover inside out and stick the inner cushion inside… basically that’s it! Easy peasy and just £2…unless you went and bought a brand new sewing machine like me then it’s a very very expensive dog bed! Lol happy sewing 🙂



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