I would walk 500 miles

In the words of the awesome Proclaimers song ‘I would walk 500 miles’…well actually according to my walking app I’ve walked 525 miles in my Stormlite walking trainers since I got them in February but that’s near enough. Anyhoo I’ve literally walked the buggers into the ground and I’m sad.


They were soooooooo comfy and lightweight BUT it is nearly Autumn so I need a more waterproof version now anyway, too wet for trainers and too warm for wellies. I have however bought another pair of these little beauties for next year, well they are only £9 from Sports Direct at the moment so it would be rude not too!

So what out there on the market? Lets take a look-see…

Starting with uber expensive ‘have to win the lottery to buy them shoes’ are:

harrods trecking boots

The Gucci Trekking Boot, retailing around £450 from Harrods. To be honest I don’t know if these are men’s or women’s – they are so ugly I can’t be bothered to read the spiel about them, more money than sense springs to mind but each to their own I suppose, next please…..

These are a tad cheaper at around £205, these are Crispi GTX womens shoes, these too are quite ugly and I can’t find any decent reviews and I would never spend that amount of money on anything that didn’t have reviews!  soooooo next…


Awwww Karrimor Boots, yes that’s more like it. I love these and they are priced between £20 and £80, so prices to suit all wallets. Going by reviews on Amazon.co.uk people rate them pretty highly, out of 271 reviews 181 people gave them 5 stars and only 35 odd people rated them below 3 stars, so that’s impressive and they look great too.

So I’ve made my decision on brand, now what colour to buy Hmmmmmmm??? Oh and by the way these are my views only, sadly Karrimor or any of the other brands have not sent me shoes as a bribe, shame maybe next time 😉

If anyone can highly recommend some walking boots please share them with me in the comments section – thank you x



2 thoughts on “I would walk 500 miles

  1. I bought a pair of Extreme boots from Mountain Warehouse last weekend they were reduced from £149 to £59.99 in the sale. I had a prom code: NFU 2014 which gave me another £9.99 off. I tried them on then walked the dogs, then went off on a tracking course so.had them on for 7.5 hours. Just like slippers, bought another pair 2 days later in a different colour!

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