50 shades of Jack


I’m not really a ‘get on your soap box’ type of gal but you know what I make an exception when it comes to Greyhound Racing, how this disgusting activity can be classed as a sport is beyond me! In short, it’s sickening, these beautiful Greyhounds are used just to make money and are literally thrown away when their ‘owners’ have no more use for them. The lucky ones make it into rescue but the majority end up with ears cut off and shoved in a shallow grave…harsh but sadly true. I’m not going to go into anymore detail as the subject actually makes my blood boil, just take 10 minutes to Google ‘greyhound rescue’ and there are pages and pages of information, most of which you’ll wish you’d never read.

So to get the inside scoop I asked Jack, one of the most famous rescued greyhounds on Facebook, to tell us his story. This gorgeous dog lives with his 2 mums in London and is finally enjoying the life all dogs should have, one filled with love, walks and the licking of yogurt pots. So with no further ado, please put your hands together (and into your treat bags) for Jack who tells his life story in his own words, oh and in case you didn’t know the language is ‘doglish’……

Jack <3

Me name is Jack. Jack Alford and I is an ex racer!
I never used to bees called Jack, me racinks name woz ‘Sporty ‘ back in da oldun dayz. I did do sum winninks to twick me trainers into keeping meeselfs, but I never saw enny rewards or enny of da munney, just fore worls of me kennel and sum sawdust. Eet was a lonliee life.
Dhere I woz one day runninks for me meal tikit and the next… BAM! Injuriee of da gwoin and then I woz shipped off to cross da Irish seas and off to sumwhere ‘hup norf’, where I woz raced on flappinks tracks coz I cost too much to fix. Dhose racink places are berry nastiee. I did ghets whipped and cigerettes put owt on meeself to name a few fings, but eets ok, I’s alrite now, I’s happy in me foreva home.
I did ghets pikked hup by a charidee who put me in kennels coz of me prey instinkt. I woznt berry happie beink arownds uvva dogs and I liked me own companiee. I didn’t lyke kennels coz I had nowun to luff meeself, I didn’t ghets to do runninks very often, I was in a cramped room and I had no toys to plays wiv! Dhens a plea woz put owt on da interweb box coz I wasn’t copinks berry well. I woz losinks weight and after 6 munfs in da charidee kennels I realliee needed me foreva sofa to snooze ons.
Eet woz neerinks Kristmas 2009 and me muvvas did do seeinks meeself on da interweb box lookinks all sad and piteefuls. Dhey did ask if dhey cood vizit meeself so I did chekid me soshul diariee and had a free space. Dhey did do vizits me kennel and brought me toys and tweets, well there is an old sayinks a way to a dogs heart is froo his tummy! and I did finks dhat dhese too peoples were berry nyce and I fort I cood liffs wiv dhemselevs if dhey wood do luffinks me to da moon and back! So I took da chance and chooze me muvvas to goes and liffs wiv. Dhey did leaves meeself coz dhey had to go and do fambliee vizits over da Krystmas tyme and dhey did orlso need to have dheir kennel checked owt to see ifs da sofa was sooper cumfee for meeself.
After Kristmas and dhier vizitinks dhey did do drivinks in da snow to me charidee kennel and picks meeself hups. Finalee, I woz on me way to me noo home and me foreva sofa and a barf!!!
Now I liffs wiv me too muvvas in Lunden who are effekshunlee known as Mummy K and Mummy D. Dhey let me snooze on da sofa, dhey take me for long worlks by bizzy roads and in parks, dhey trains meeself to try and not chase small furrie dogs, dhey gives meeself lots of fusses, dhey makes sure I sees da vet-andvery-hairyman to ghets da best tweetments when I iz poorlies, I’s even haffs me toofypegs kleened and I ghets LOTS of tweets, and bones and chiken and cheese and yogit pots to lick!, well I did doos untils I was poorlie wiv Cushinks, salmonella-ella-ella and pacretitus! Butdhats anuvva storiee for annuva day!
So here I sit on me pooter tellinks yoous me storiee. Don’t bees sad. If’s yoous has sum space in yoous home yoous can let a greythownd choose yoouself and yoous can gives wun lots of fusses and luffs. Wees really don’t tayke hups too much rooms and wee don’t do runninks orl da tyme, justs sumtymes as we duz luffs our foreva sofas too much. Wees will giffs yoouself luffs and fusses and of corse smells dhat yoous carnt ghets ennywhere else! Orls yoous ghots to do is look on da interweb box! Go on… do it and forl in luff!
Thanks Jack, you are one gorgeous boy and I hope your story encourages lots of people to adopt a Greyhound, here’s just a handful of Greyhound rescues full of gorgeous dogs who deserve real loving homes x
Greyhound Gap, Retired Greyhound Trust, Greyhound Lifeline, Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, Celia Cross Greyhound Trust sadly the list goes on and on…just Google greyhound rescue and your area if you are interested in adopting 🙂

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