Pets win Praises

Right I received an email from about a competition to win some doggy bits, which would be fab because A) it’s nearly Christmas and my girls would love to be spoilt and B) I never win anything (cue violins)

All I have to do is show what tricks my dogs do for their treats.  Sadly Roxy is immediately disqualified, unless having the mental capacity of the scarecrow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ counts as a trick. Roxy does excel at being badly gorgeous though and does a brilliant impression of a piece of velcro, she is literally stuck to me at every opportunity. She is also rather amazing at chewing things she shouldn’t but I’ll leave that for another post! So just so I don’t feel guilty about leaving her out here is a photo of her doing what she does best, looking cute.


So next up we have Lily, Lily’s trick is being able to ignore every command and sleeping all day, until food comes into play, then she’s a very alert little madam who can hear a rustling treat packet from 50 miles away! Lily knows a few tricks as her little montage below shows, paw, other paw, lay down & roll over.


And lastly my pièce de résistance, introducing Bella the wonder dog, da da daa daaaaaaaaaaa (that’s trumpets blowing by the way) Bella is my awesome rescue dog and I love her to pieces! Here is her story. If anyone can win, its her. She is super clever and loves nothing more than learning tricks and I don’t have to bribe her with food, she does her tricks just because she enjoys them. I bought some agility equipment a while ago and I can’t wait to get her started, I know she’ll love it. Anyway Bella’s montage below shows some of her tricks. Sit, lay down, turn around, roll over, paw, other paw, beg, stand, walk, cross your paws and my favourite ‘bang’ which involves me shooting her with my fingers and she drops to the ground and freezes….clever girly.

So wish me luck in winning some prizes for my beautiful girls and if you fancy entering go here…just make sure you don’t have a better entry than me! 😉



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