Oh Balls!

Oh balls!….3 rubber balls to be exact. As part of the Pedigree Joint Plus Treat trial, Pedigree set weekly challenges. In the trial pack we were sent a ball chucker (I call it a wanger) and 3 lovely yellow rubber balls. This weeks challenge is:

“Challenge Three ‘Joint Care+ Play Hero’

Put those ball throwers and balls to the test this week and show us how your dog is progressing now they’re half way through the Joint Care+ trial. Get your camera at the ready as we want to see photos and videos of you and your dog doing what they do best – playing and having fun! Send us your best photos and videos, along with an update on whether Joint Care+ is helping them to play again.”

This posed a problem for me as I although I could see the ball chucker in the garden, the balls were nowhere to be seen. I searched high and low and eventually found them all hidden away in Lily’s bed, she’s not really one for balls but obviously took a shine to these as she had hidden them to prevent her doggy sisters from enjoying their bouncy yellowness.

So retrieving the balls, grabbing the camera and Lily I set about getting some shots of her chasing them, Lily had other ideas though. If I were a mind reader I reckon she was saying ‘Bugger off, it’s too hot today to play ball!’

I persevered and succeeded only in throwing 2 balls in the swimming pool and getting 2 wet dogs, Bella & Roxy that is, Lily does not ‘do’ swimming. And I say swimming pool but its more like a large paddling pool (I just like to try to sound rich!)  The last ball was snatched behind my back by her majesty and she promptly took it to her favourite cushion on the sofa to guard.

So sadly its looks as though we wont do well in this weeks Challenge but at least I tried and the main thing is the dogs love the balls…. Maybe we’ll have more luck next week or I could use my Photoshop skills to clone Lily’s head on to a flyball champion 😉


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