Luxating Paella

Ok, ok, it’s called a luxating patella not paella but I like to rename things and besides paella is easy to remember for my tiny brain. Basically it’s when a dogs knee pops in and out of the joint, it’s not a problem unless it happens often, causes pain or doesn’t go back in the knee socket, then you’ll be looking at an operation, which is around the £1300 mark!

My lovely Lily has this problem, she was ok up until she was 12 months old but now at only 3 her knee-joint is stiff and occasionally pops out and she goes lame. Luckily so far it always goes back into place after a couple of minutes and now she has lost some weight it’s even better, but obviously I’d like to avoid a costly op.

The lovely people from Pedigree got in touch to see if I’d like to trial their Joint Plus treats which are designed to help with joint stiffness (all the blurb is here) and me being one not to turn down a freebie…Errr I mean try out new things I of course said ‘Yes please!’

So my pack arrived this afternoon and its all very exciting, there’s nothing like getting a parcel in the post however old you are 🙂 So anyway inside was a decent sized backpack (very handy for dog walking) A pack of rubber balls (my other dogs Bella & Roxy are thrilled) A ball thrower and of course the Joint Plus Treats for lovely Lily.

I filmed Lily this afternoon so we can see if the treats show an improvement after the 6 week trial – fingers crossed! – but for now I’m just happy loves them so much….so much so she couldn’t even wait for me to open the box!


2 thoughts on “Luxating Paella

  1. Just wanted to quickly update and say Lilys knee hasnt popped out of place for about 10 months now, loosing the extra weight she was carrying and having regular walks has helped tremendously….long may it continue 🙂

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