Posted in August 2012

Oh Balls!

Oh balls!….3 rubber balls to be exact. As part of the Pedigree Joint Plus Treat trial, Pedigree set weekly challenges. In the trial pack we were sent a ball chucker (I call it a wanger) and 3 lovely yellow rubber balls. This weeks challenge is: “Challenge Three ‘Joint Care+ Play Hero’ Put those ball throwers and balls … Continue reading

Keeping my eye on the ball

Well there’s nothing worse than someone who lets their dog off-lead when they can’t control them and the dog has no recall…..well I’m hugely embarrassed to say this is exactly what happened to me last week – oh the shame! – Bella my rescue, who I blogged about here, has come on leaps and bounds in … Continue reading

Luxating Paella

Ok, ok, it’s called a luxating patella not paella but I like to rename things and besides paella is easy to remember for my tiny brain. Basically it’s when a dogs knee pops in and out of the joint, it’s not a problem unless it happens often, causes pain or doesn’t go back in the knee socket, … Continue reading

A lazy Rescue Wednesday

Well its Rescue Wednesday again but it’s also my wedding anniversary so todays post is going to be a lazy one I’m afraid as I have a special meal to cook and champagne to drink 😉 But I’ve included more dogs than usual. If you’re interested in any of these lovelies click on the links … Continue reading