Hot Dogs

Well I was going to blog about rain coats today but as we’re currently bathed in glorious sunshine I thought I’d save that post for a rainy day…excuse the terrible pun!

So we all know dogs die in hot cars, even with the windows cracked and parked in the shade, cars literally turn into greenhouses but what should we do if we see a dog locked in a car in this weather? Personally I like this advice…..

But in reality we don’t always want to get arrested for smashing car windows or have a brick handy. There’s lots of information online and the best advice is to take a note of the registration and type of car and if you have your mobile on you take photos or video footage of the dog/s in question. If the car is in a large store car park then take the car details to customer service and request that the owner come to their vehicle immediately – fingers crossed its someone just popping in quickly to grab some milk, they probably won’t appreciate your help but maybe they wont do it again. For more information go to the ‘Don’t Cook Your Dog!’ website. The campaign was started by Beverley Cuddy from Dogs Today magazine, after 2 police dogs died in a hot car. The website is a must read and has a lot of information you need. It also has some great leaflets to download which are great for sticking under windscreenwipers as warnings.

Now on a lighter note, how do we keep our dogs cool at home? Lots of bowls dotted around with fresh cool water is a must but what else can you do to help?

My 3 are reasonably sensible and tend to lay indoors on the cool tiles and because our house is Victorian it’s always like a fridge inside but when they refuse and want to be in the garden with us I tuck wet tea towels into their collars.

Or you can buy these brilliant coats for keeping dogs cool which obviously stay on better, don’t actually get your dog wet and don’t look quite as silly. There’s lots on the market but these ones start at £19.80 and can be bought here.

Another great idea for at home, if your dog is a water lover that is, is to get a doggy paddling pool. The Doggy Pool from Karlie can be bought here and cost £55.90 although they are in the sale at the moment and are a reasonable £34.90. They don’t require pumping up which is handy and they are made with a durable not slip plastic.

Or you could buy this kiddies paddling pool, it’s a bargain at £4.99 and also just folds out so no huffing and puffing required. Click here for the link to purchase and find out more (hopefully the cheesy man in shorts is NOT included although that would explain the cheap price!)

Black and darker coloured dogs are more effected by the heat but short-haired lighter dogs can burn easily. Vets recommend putting sunscreen on your dogs ears, nose, belly and any other part that may see most of the sun. Normal human sunscreen is fine and a waterproof one would last longer. Dogs can get skin cancer just like us so although you might feel like a right wally rubbing sun cream on your dog its definitely worth it. If you want you can buy pet sunscreen here for £10.39. Its Factor 23 comes in a pump, is non-greasy, lick resistant and quick drying – that sounds good for my little boy! lol

How do you keep your dogs cool in the heat? Feel free to post your ideas and photos on my Canine Crazy Facebook page. So farewell for now and enjoy the sun – don’t forget sunscreen for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

  1. hope ppl realise dogs are not like us they dont swet ,and in this weather can die.thanks for puttin it out there .bessie will have a paddlin pool at the weekend lol

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