Rescue Wednesday – A closer look at a Staffie Rescue

Well its Wednesday again so its all about the rescues. This time I’m going to post about Staffy Support Service, a rescue based in Kent specialising in the gorgeous Staffy, the most over bred dog in the country and subsequently the most euthanized breed. Rescues and council pounds are simply over flowing with these gorgeous dogs.

To find out all about Staffy Support Service please visit their website here. You can read all about them and how they are helping the Staffies in rescue.

This gorgeous pair is Alice and Ace, they are currently looking for forever homes.

This is what their fosterer says about them:

We have 2 VERY beautiful Lab/Staffy mixes who will be ready to be re-homed when 12 weeks old (they are currently 3). They will be fully vaccinated/chipped/de-flead/de-wormed and be on neutering contracts (that are legally binding and the pups must be neutered/spayed when it says in the contract). PLEASE remember puppies need constant training so will need someone who is dedicated to keeping up their training/socialization.

They are fine with children/cats and dogs but of course as they get older we can tell you what their suitable homes will be in regards to age of children they will be suitable with but as it stands at the moment they would be suited to older children due to them not having being taught biting inhibition.

The pups will come with a 10% neutering voucher and 4 week free insurance. If you are interested in the puppies please let me know so then I can send you out the relevant paper work to see if you are suitable. Please contact Staffy Support Service here.

There are more dogs on their website, just click this link to meet them.

If you’d like to help but can’t offer a dog a forever home, foster carers are always needed and if you can have a dog at all sponsoring a dog or donating is a great way to help. All the information you need is on the How to help us page.


One thought on “Rescue Wednesday – A closer look at a Staffie Rescue

  1. we have a rescue staffy here in wales they to do a great job .well someone has got to make sure they r looked after and go to gd homes .keep up the gd work xxxx

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