Great Fido Finds

Thought I’d share a couple of things I found on the net that I love, so if you fancy treating yourself or there’s a dog crazy person’s birthday approaching or you are slightly insane and are already Christmas shopping then here are some ideas for you.

Firstly I happened upon this cute coin purse, they are only £5 and you can buy them here on Folksy. Gorgeous mint green fabric with a funky Scotty dog pattern.

Oh my days, when I found this, my world was complete! Dog Wallpaper!!!! How awesome, no more worrying about what shade of paint to buy – this stuff is going everywhere!….What was that? That would be crazy? Oh yes I see your point, maybe just in my bedroom then 😉 Well if you want to purchase this just click here, it’s called ‘Adventurous Dog Seamless Wall paper’ and is £17.50 – M².

This may be called Canine Crazy but I do love cats too so here’s a great wall sticker for all cat lovers, starting at £7.99 it won’t break the bank and really is cool for cats. You can purchase this and other animal wall stickers here.

My search just keeps on getting better and better! If you love Roald Dahl then Quentin Blake’s illustrations will also be a firm favourite so just take a look at this wallpaper, designed and drawn by Quentin himself. I love this so much, if you love it to you can buy it here. Its called Quentin’s Menagerie and is £35 a roll.

Now as some of you may have noticed its been a little wet in the UK this summer, so how about it lovely brolly to help keep you dry, only £13 so a bargain and can be ordered from Amazon.

You will love this if you’re handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is. Emma Bond’s of London has quite a few dog print fabrics that are just gorgeous, all at different prices so its best to visit the site here to find out more and to thank me for finding such gorgeousness (new word for you there) I need 4 cushions for my sofa, I’ll have them in the Spaniel print pretty please 🙂

If you’re after cheaper fabric, simply because you’re rubbish at craft work and don’t want to risk too much money being spent, you’re poor or simply a Scrooge take a look-see at this really pretty Scotty dog floral print fabric. I found it here on Ebay but I’m sure a Google search will find other suppliers.

And lastly something that only millionaires could afford and only crazy people would build. This is the kennel of the Gods! It has 2 bedrooms and lounge area. Featuring sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a sound system, an 18″ spa bath and plasma TV. Automatic food stations and CCTV so the owner can keep an eye on their pampered pooches. It has its own sheltered outside area and retina scanning so only the owners dogs can enter (how they stay still to be scanned I don’t know!). Designed by architect Andy Ramus, and if you fancy one (or buying me one) it will only set you back $417,000 or so. The owner wishes to remain anonymous but the ‘Dog House’ is apparently being built for 2 great danes. Don’t tell anyone but I’m pretty sure the dogs would rather have the company of their owner and just a duvet on the floor than all that fancy pants stuff. If however the owner does change their mind please let me know as this place sounds nicer than my house and I’m more than happy to dress up in a dog costume to live there if that’s what it takes 😉

Thanks for reading and if anyone finds any great dog shopping ‘finds’ just let me know x


3 thoughts on “Great Fido Finds

  1. love the doggy wallpaper, will pass the link to a groomer friend who’s been looking to paper a feature wall in her salon.

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