And last but not least….

Heres Roxy! Isn’t she a cutie, she is the funniest little dog I’ve ever met, has the biggest heart, the softest nature and really silly little legs! She’s not even 1 yet so still a baby and is a Jack Russell cross Staffie.

I was fostering her and fell completely in love, I never thought we would actually be able to keep her as at the time Bella (the mental one) was still a bit touch and go with other dogs. But in she bounded to our lives and slotted right in like a funny dog shaped jigsaw piece. Her and Bella were firm friends as soon as she came in the door and that first night spent 5 hours and 37 minutes (exactly!) play fighting and charging round the house, then the rest of the night and next day curled up sleeping it off like they had been to some hardcore rave.

When Lily came home Roxy was delighted to have a playmate the same size and their favourite game is ‘bitey face’…to the untrained eye its looks like they are trying to rip the whiskers off of each other, in reality their teeth don’t even connect with each other. They will play this game until they literally fall asleep standing up, lol. Roxy also likes shaking and pulling Lily’s fluffy ears, Lily however doesn’t seem to enjoy this much – strange that!

Roxy does have a problem with being left alone, that’s the reason she lost her first home. She chewed things i.e floors/wallpaper etc but in her defence she was being left on her own too much and well if you’re bored, you’re bored!

Shes much better now and can go an hour without eating the house, If I know I’m going to be out longer she goes in her crate with her toys and bone. She is a very needy dog and has to be by your side at all times, she also seems to think that if I go in the loo by myself magically a door will appear and I will disappear forever, therefore she must come with me to make sure nothing happens to me! She also feels I need ‘help’ in the kitchen and literally sticks to me like glue, I never have food on my floors though.

Well that’s about it, just felt I had to post about her so she wouldn’t get jealous as the other two dogs have posts about them 😉


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