Wellies & Walkies

Well the sky is grey, the sun hasn’t made an appearance for a couple of weeks, our local river has burst its banks and there is flooding in most of the country….welcome to British summer time!

It’s also time for me to get new wellies, I first noticed I may have to invest in a new pair when I found there was more water inside my wellies than outside after a nice long dog walk the other day. But where to start!? I’ve never owned a pair of expensive Wellingtons before, are they worth the extra money? Probably but I’m so fickle I would quickly get bored with them.

My last pair were cheapy jobbies, a tenner from Shoe Zone. They were an emergency buy as I was out shopping in pretty shoes (how silly of me!) and the heavens opened, so they have lasted 6 months, not long but they have been through a lot. At least an hour walk everyday and digging down the allotment…so for £10 thats not bad really, a good pair of wellies for occasional use, the only horrible thing about cheap wellies is the stretched print but hey ho you can’t have everything.


The pair before that were garden centre jobbies at a reasonable £24. They’ve lasted 2 years and I’ve had to go back to them after my purple ones let me down. A good solid pair of wellies, the only downfall is the lining ripped and then came out inside out with my foot and a tricky procedure of inserting it back in takes place involving spoons, coats hangers and swearing. But they are still super dry not a leak in sight – well done boring green wellies 🙂

So whats next in the exciting world of wellies for me, its my birthday soon so I might actually go crazy and treat myself to some super expensive sexy boots.

Do I go crazy funky with these from Havaianas? They are called ‘Always Summer’ ! I LOVE the irony! They are fifty smackeroos…… £50 to be constantly reminded when you look down that Britain’s summers will never be like your wellies.

These ‘designer’ (I use that word loosely!) Marc Jacobs high heel boots are utterly revolting to me and I’d never spend a fiver on them let alone the whopping $229 price tag! NEXT!

I’ve been looking at Joules wellies and can confirm I love pretty much all of them, especially these pretty pink doggy ones. Not too expensive either, so they are a maybe….how long will they last for though? I don’t think they were made for hard labour just love.

Now Hunters  are, it seems, the ‘Elvis’ of the wellie world…yes the King of wellies. Can’t comment personally as I’ve never been rich enough to own a pair. I love these Union Jack ones but at £125 I really don’t want to get them dirty!

So do I get expensive ones? Will they last? Will I get bored with them? Do I need seasonal boots? Tall wellies? Short wellies? Neoprene (whatever that is!) lined wellies? Fur lined wellies? Leather lined wellies?…No scrap that they are £300 a pop! Or Thermo regulating wellies?

So the conclusion I’ve come to is that I’m rubbish at making decisions and I’m no closer to choosing new boots, I used the word ‘Wellies’ 17 times in this post…..sorry make that 18 now and there are far too many boots in the world!….oh and Spell check tries to turn ‘Wellies’ into ‘Willies’ (chuckles childishly into hand)



3 thoughts on “Wellies & Walkies

  1. I’m starting to worry that ur getting as obsessed with wellies as ur r with dog collars!!! U’d hate my dog walking boots, they r brown & practical, not pretty in the slightest!!! We’ll require a piccie of the winning pair!

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