It’s a Doddle!

So every now and then I get sent something to review, well when I got offered the chance to review the Doddle Collar I jumped at it because I remember seeing it on Dragons Den and it looked like a great idea. Basically it’s a collar with an extender lead built into it, very clever … Continue reading

Help Find Missing Max!

I’ve sat down this evening to post about Max,  he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Shih Tzu. I offered to write about him to help his owner Suzanne and her family. I’ve now re-written this blog post about 5 times…..nothing I type can put into words the devastation his family feels right now … Continue reading

Easy to make £2 dog bed

My poor old sewing machine died, I didn’t use it much but it was very handy to have so I went crazy and treated myself to a brand new shiny one. To test out my new purchase I decided to run up a new dog bed for the kitchen, as the old one was looking … Continue reading

I would walk 500 miles

In the words of the awesome Proclaimers song ‘I would walk 500 miles’…well actually according to my walking app I’ve walked 525 miles in my Stormlite walking trainers since I got them in February but that’s near enough. Anyhoo I’ve literally walked the buggers into the ground and I’m sad. They were soooooooo comfy and lightweight BUT it … Continue reading

50 shades of Jack

I’m not really a ‘get on your soap box’ type of gal but you know what I make an exception when it comes to Greyhound Racing, how this disgusting activity can be classed as a sport is beyond me! In short, it’s sickening, these beautiful Greyhounds are used just to make money and are literally … Continue reading

Vets Get Scanning!

Following on from Lily’s story and the importance of microchipping I wanted to talk about Sir Bruce Forsyth and his daughter Debbie Matthews and their ‘Vets Get Scanning’ campaign. It all started when Debbie’s two dogs, Gizmo and Widget, were stolen from her car back in 2006. She had just popped into a busy supermarket … Continue reading

Pets win Praises

Right I received an email from about a competition to win some doggy bits, which would be fab because A) it’s nearly Christmas and my girls would love to be spoilt and B) I never win anything (cue violins) All I have to do is show what tricks my dogs do for their treats.  Sadly Roxy is … Continue reading

Its never my fault!

I have a horrible trait, luckily it doesn’t often rear its ugly head but when a behaviorist pointed out Lily’s constant barking was due to her thinking she was top dog I didn’t believe it and dismissed it, I do this sometimes when people offer me advice. Why? Because I know everything of course 😉 She … Continue reading

Oh Balls!

Oh balls!….3 rubber balls to be exact. As part of the Pedigree Joint Plus Treat trial, Pedigree set weekly challenges. In the trial pack we were sent a ball chucker (I call it a wanger) and 3 lovely yellow rubber balls. This weeks challenge is: “Challenge Three ‘Joint Care+ Play Hero’ Put those ball throwers and balls … Continue reading

Keeping my eye on the ball

Well there’s nothing worse than someone who lets their dog off-lead when they can’t control them and the dog has no recall…..well I’m hugely embarrassed to say this is exactly what happened to me last week – oh the shame! – Bella my rescue, who I blogged about here, has come on leaps and bounds in … Continue reading